Krabi, Thailand

There’s nothing that I love to do more than lounging by the pool engrossed in a good book, clear blue sky and the gentle sway of the ocean to take you away from the hustle and bustle of Singapore.  Just an one hour and thirty minute flight from Singapore and I’m in paradise.


We chose to stay on the smaller sleepier beach from the touristy Krabi town.  Railey Beach is a 15 minute long-tail boat ride from Krabi town and accessible through  Ao Nang Pier. We reached Ao Nang Pier just as the sun was setting over the ocean.  I hope you’re not in a rush – the long-tail boats cost us 100 Bhat per person and won’t leave until they have a full boat of 8 people.  Luckily, we got off the bus from the airport with a number of other travels who were also heading for Railey so we didn’t have to wait.  Time to get your feet wet! Baggage on your back or over your head because you need to walk knee deep into the warm ocean water to board these long-tail boats.


The sunset is breathtaking – we stop for a moment to take it all in: the ocean air, sand between our toes and gratitude for the quick weekend getaway. The second day we reserved for island hopping and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters.  Sadly, the tropical fishes are not nearly as abundant anymore due to heavy tourism in this area – you can tell every time the long-tail boat is turned on and spurts of oil spit directly into the water. 😦 Despite this, the highlight of our trip is night snorkeling with plankton which “light up” when their scales reflect off the moonlight.


We also scored a VIP spot on the back of the tour boat and had the opportunity to converse with the locals.  They offed us some of their lunch – fresh squid covered with some black sauce and rice.   The locals are young – anywhere between 17 to 31 the captain probably being the oldest.  Their attitude is playful, flirtatious, energetic and clearly loving life.  In between island hopping pit stops while we’re snorkeling enjoying the view of the fishes while the locals spear fish for the very same fish we are appreciating.  Apparently the rainbow colored ones are as tasty as they are colorful.


We wrap up our day watching the sun set and entertained by fire dancers on the beach.  This is a quick weekend getaway and totally worth it if you’re looking for a beautiful beach vacation in SEA.

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