Stone Pathway – Hiking near Lake Ashi

There are many hikes in Hakone ranging from easy, moderate and difficult.  I had time for two! You can find my hiking route below — enjoy!

– Take bus 2 from Hakone Yumoto Station (390 JPY)

– Exit off Hatajuku Milestone

– Length – 4.2 km

– Elevation – Moderate mostly uphill

The hike begins from Hatajuku Milestone where you will see a stone pathway.  Follow the pathway and signs for Motohakone.  There are several rest stops and tea houses along the way but I did not stop there.  The first hour of the hike is mostly uphill goes in between forrest and occasionally crosses roads.

The end of the pathway will lead you right to Lake Ashi. From there you can choose to take the Hakone Railway, visit the Hakone Tori Gate or check out the nearby Ashinoko Hotel Garden.  Enjoy the rest of your day exploring the town and people watching near the pier.


Stone pathway at Hatajuku Milestone


Local cemetery next to Lake Ashi


Prayers at Hakone Shrine


Ashinoko Hotel Garden (Entrance fee: 800 JPY)

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