5 Insights to a Healthy Brain and Happy Living

As human beings it’s in our nature to seek happiness and joy with the limited time we have in our lifetimes. If today was our last day, would we look back at our accomplishments satisfied on the mark we’ve made to society and with no regrets that we would live life any differently? At the end of the day our true values are what shape our world and the one’s which we hold closest to us. I’ve listed 5 insights which have greatly changed my outlook on life. I’m sharing it in hopes that perhaps it resonate with you in some way.


  1. Your mind creates your own reality. Think about this one for a second: every experience, decision, emotion, setback or accomplishment are all a combination of your past experiences and how you perceive the world as your reality. Call it the glass half full or half empty affect, every situation can have both positive and negative outcomes and it’s up to you to choose how to take it. The health of your mind depends on how you deal with adverse situations and what take-aways and life lessons these experiences can give you. Often times we are the victims of our own self doubt and the voices inside our heads tell us “it’s not possible” or “we’re not smart, talented, good enough”. The mind is a beautifully complex and powerful tool and if filled with positivity and passion can lead us to exactly where we want to be.
  2. Emotions are temporary feelings running through your body.   The more we are aware of our body physically reacts when have intense emotions the more we can be in control of our emotions. When you’re feeling intense negative emotions: jealousy, anger, distrust ask yourself 1) what are the triggers from my previous experiences which are causing these emotions 2) why is this situation making me feel this way 3) understand that these emotions are a temporary state to recognize, analyze and then think through a solution which works best for both parties.
  3. Never settle for mediocrity. It’s easy to turn on auto pilot on our lives because we have a secure job, stable relationship, good friends and are reasonably satisfied with how our lives have played out. However, when we do this we are cheating ourselves out of a life, which is truly driven by what we are passionate about. Do your dreams seem totally outrageous and audacious? They should be. If money, status, security and obligations were not a factor – what would you truly want to do with your life? Now draw parallels between what you’ve listed and how you can take incremental steps to achieve that dream. If you choose not to pursue your dreams because it’s too risky, too late in life, too far down another path etc. then own up to the fact that you’re not willing to change and stop making excuses for why it cannot be achieved. Be content with the conscious decision not to pursue but never post the blame on something outside your power.
  4. You are the sum of the 5 closest people you surround yourself with. It’s one thing to have many friends and acquaintances but it’s another to surround yourself with passionate, like minded people whom you admire.   Choose to spend most of your time surrounded by these people and you will come to see that your outlooks and perspectives completely change. Honestly ask yourself how and why the current relationships you have exist and cut those which do not serve you towards being a better person. Understand that the people you spend the most time with are a reflection of your own values. Do they align?
  5. Pick your favorite quote and make it your password. Quotes, versus, and mantras are extremely powerful – especially when repeated over and over again. Pick a quote that truly inspires you and have that be your password. Now every time you log into your computer, check your bank account balance, purchase something online, you’ll be reminded of what matters most to you. For example one of my favorite quotes is “Rule your mind or it will rule you” turn this into the password such as “rym0iwru”. Now you have one password which is both hard to crack and inspirational!

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