Misty Mystical Alishan: How nature and human behavior meet

Alishan is known as one of Taiwan’s ‘most scenic’ areas as well as the infamous sunrise above the cloud forrest.  Hundreds of tourists catch a 4:20 AM train to take them to the summit and viewing platform.  The sunrise over the mountain top and above the clouds is really a once in a lifetime experience.

Despite this, Alishan had a slightly different impression on me.   Anyone who stays more than one night is quick to notice that climates in Alishan run on a strict schedule.  Early to mid morning holds beautiful clear skies.  Around 11AM, clouds start to roll in and by 1-2 PM, the clouds completely cover the mountains.  By 3 PM, it starts the rain. And the next day the cycle repeats itself.


Nature is so much like human behavior the parallels are uncanny.  How often do we fall into a routine where every day we wake up, get ready and take the same path to work and back? How much of our jobs is repetitive tasks which we undertake daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly?

However normal and complacent this might be, every now and again nature comes across an unexpected storm or dry season.  Plants and animals must adapt to these conditions or be threatened by extension.  Only the strong survive.  Every once in awhile we get inspired, turn our world upside down, or hit a dead-end which causes us to make a big life decision.  We can act in one of two ways to adversity or success: we can choose to accept mother nature’s hand and adapt, or we can shrivel and wither away.  Which do you choose?

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