Motobike for rent! A full experience of Vietnam travel 

While  on a trip to Vietnam, we rented motorbikes to explore the outer areas of the city and also learn how to navigate through the spiderwebs of traffic.  In my opinion, this is the only way to experience Vietnam like a local.  A picture is worth a thousand words so I’ve made a mini journal of some of the funniest/most interesting things seen on our trip. Enjoy 🙂

How to sit on a bike like a lady: wear high heels, sit cross legged carry a trench coat and let someone else drive for you.


So close you can almost grab it! In the main market in Da Lat street vendors bike to their next destination – complete with stools in hand.  This is Vietnam’s version of “fast food”.

I would like to order… 3 crates of tomatoes please!


There’s a doggie in the window! No wait, there’s a doggie on a motobike!


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