The Great Wall of Psychological Safety – Beijing China 

While looking up some history of the Great Wall I was surprised by this article which stated the Great Wall was actually not that efficient at keeping invaders out but rather served more as a psychological safety net for the people of China.  It doubles as one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world and one of China’s most iconic landmarks.   There is  well over 3,000 miles of wall to explore, so you can imagine I was quiet excited when I heard we were going to a part of the wall only locals knew about.


The scenic drive to the wall

My last experience at the wall was jam packed full of tour buses. Street vendors lined either side of the car park selling all sorts of souvineers. You could dress up like an emporer or empress and parade down the crowded pathway along with the hordes of people.   It was winter time and the steps were steep and icy – let’s just say it wasn’t the best experience to take in the beauty the Great Wall had to offer.

From the car park, you’ll walk through a local town with many food options and vendors selling a variety of wild, organic nuts and dried fruit. After a few hundred meters you’ll reach the ticketing entrance.


A walk across the dam then you’ll start the hike up the shallow steps. We were really lucky to catch the first few peach blossoms in bloom.  I could imagine once in full bloom the entire mountainside would be transformed. It’s a short hike until you reach the summit of the wall and once on top the view is breathtaking.  To the right, you can see hikers peppered along the unrestored areas then down a beautiful reservoir followed by mountains filled with peach trees and off in the distance the wall disappears behind one of the peaks.

We enjoy the cool breeze and a few locals flying kites.  You’re able to walk down to the reservoir where the wall disappears into the water and you can grab an ice cream and enjoy the passing time.


Entry fee: 45 Rmb

Speedboat: 25 Rmb

Lakeside Great Wall:

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