New and Old Summer Palace – Beijing China

Last time I was at the Summer Palace it was freezing cold, snowing and the park was almost deserted.  My memory only served to hold onto a few frames from the summer palace – I remember walking down the corridors and the tour guide explaining the meaning of all the different pictures – princesses and concubines plotting to get to the top of the social ladder.  Then I remember a huge marble boat, frozen in the water.  It’s funny sometimes how your mind has selective memory – why out of all the information overload did my mind choose to hold onto these?


Upon entering the park, we take the dragon boat across the water to the opposite side of the lake.  Off in the distance is the main temple and there are many paddle boats out on the water. The weather is warming up for the first few weeks of spring and everyone is out and about.


View of Longevity Hill from across the lake

Now on the other side of the lake, we explore around and I see the same marble boat, beautiful corridor paintings with colors much more splendid than I remembered.

Starting to climb and make out way to the Tower of Buddhist Incense the view of the unrestored, closed off portion of the garden is beautiful.


Ancient China meets modern city

After slowly making our way down the hill and out of the park; we take the local bus for 2 CNY to the Old Summer Palace.  While many parts of the park were closed down for renovation, I was pleasantly surprised to take some of my favorite shots on the whole trip.


I love the tranquilly and motion in these photos. The weeping willows are so elegantly placed and their reflection off the water creates such a peaceful scene in the madness of this mega city.


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