Durian Puffs, Shophouses, Riverside Strolling – Malacca, Malaysia

If you have a sudden urge to get out of Singapore but don’t want the inconvenience of hopping on a plane, then Malacca is a great weekend getaway.  Singapore, Malacca and Penang formed what was known as the Straits Settlements: British colonies that served as shipping ports and centers of Peninsula expansion. With rapid growth of commercial importance in Singapore, Malacca became a sleepy tourist town along the backwaters of Malaysia.  However, Malacca has managed to hold onto their British roots in architectural design and charm.   There are many “hipster” stores popping up along the inner streets, and between the folds of alleyways, artwork of all kinds can be found.  It’s a very quaint little town sitting along a sleepy river.  Local food stores blends in with tourist shops and quirky warehouses filled with antique finds from a dusty past.

Malaca has probably the most unique collection of Tuk Tuks I’ve seen in South East Asia.  Hello Kitty, Frozen, and Teddy Bear themed Tuk Tuks blasting everything from 90s music to electro – this adds to the cheesy charm of Malacca!  #OnlyInAsia

I loved exploring the colorful streets of this town.  Strolling along the river in the morning meant we could enjoy and appreciate the stillness before the crowds came.

We stayed in a traditional Kampung style house.  The central area features an open courtyard with many rooms surrounding the yard. The common areas are cutely decorated with trinkets collected from the antique shophouses.


Getting there:

707 bus: book online (52 SGD return)

Where to stay:

Layang Layang Guest House


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