Ceremony of Ordination and Novitiation – Inle Lake, Myanmar

The Ceremony of Ordination and Novitiation is a Buddhist tradition to celebrate a young boy’s service to monkhood.  It is seen as the most important duty of the parents to prepare a child toward the legacy of the Buddha and servitude.  It is a ceremony in which the entire town participates in with loud parading drums, microphones, horses and singing.  It’s typically celebrated in July and August, before the school year starts so we feel very lucky to have come across this ceremony by chance while biking around Inle lake in October.

The people or Myanmar are among one of the friendliest cultures I’ve encountered in South East Asia.  Strangers, even those working along the fields will stop to say “Mingalaba” meaning “Hello” for a passing car.  Curious school children run alongside your bike smiling from end to end.


Inle lake is most well known for the way the fisherman steer their boats with one leg. They even offer courses for tourist to learn the technique! Okay, not for me, but I do want to see the locals in action.  Wake up early – get out to the lake as the sun rises above the mountains in the distance and take a moment to appreciate the stillness of the lake.  The fisherman know when they are being filmed and don’t miss an opportunity to “pose” for the camera.  The little boy in the boat knows one word in english “money?”.

IMG_20141020_145513 (1)

Mooove along – nothing to see here except water buffalos and rice patty fields.

These stilt houses along the lake, are beautiful.  Hire a boat to take you (and your bike) across the lake for the full experience.


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