Mt. Popa and Tea Leaf Salad – Myanmar

A one hour drive and half day tour trip to Mount Popa is a highly recommended side trip if you’re in Bagan.  Mount Popa is a sheer sided volcanic plateau and at its summit is a Buddhist monastery. The first view of Mount Popa is quiet incredible – it  literally rises above the forrest and the summit is the entire monastery itself.


Entrance to monetary on top of Mount Popa.  If you bring food with you, don’t eat it openly – the monkeys here are very aggressive and are not afraid of you!

Walk up the sheltered steps and look at the surrounding flat landscape.  If you look closely, you’ll see temples shrouded in gold from a distance – their stupas peaking out between the greenery.

There’s a famous Burmese restaurant in San Francisco called Burma Superstar .  The tea leaf salad at Burma Superstar is to die for.  I came to Myanmar excited to try to real deal – I’m sad to report my American tastebuds prefer the fusion dish instead.  While Burma Superstar does use the fermented tea leafs imported from Myanmar, it’s really not the same as the local dish.



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