6D 5N – Myanmar Adventures

Day 1: Arrive in Yangon, take a cab from Yangon to the Aung Mingalar Bus Stop.

Cab from airport to Bus stop: 8,000 chet
Buy VIP overnight bus tickets to Bagan: 19,000 chet

Day 2: Arrive in Bagan at 5:30 AM via overnight bus


Hire a horse cart to take you to the temples to see the sunrise. We stayed in Bagan but my recommendation is to stay in Old Bagan for more places of interest.  Tour the temples in the early morning and afternoon when the temperature is less hot.

Day 3: Half day at Mount Popa


Share a van with a tour group to see Mount Popa. 10,000 chet per person.  The tour will drop you off at coffee / jewelry factories, we chose to skip this.
Climb to the top of Mount Popa for some amazing views.
Catch the sunset again at another temple back in Bagan.
Eat dinner at Be Kind to Animals The Moon
Buy overnight bus tickets to Inle Lake: 11,000 chet

Day 4: Arrive in Inle Lake at 4:30 AM


Hire a boat to take you over the lake to watch the sunrise. 10,000 chet for the boat
Rent a bike: 1,500 chet for the whole day and explore the lake.

Day 5: Relax and rejuvenate

Get a massage in town, read, watch the clouds roll by.
Buy VIP overnight bus tickets from Inle Lake to Yangon: 18,000 chet

Day 6:  24 hours in Yangon and catch flight back home!

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