5 Ways to Joy on Demand

Meng, also known as “Jolly Good Fellow” is an ex-software engineer at Google, founder of Search Inside Yourself course at Google and a bit of jokester. He left about a year ago to “re-tire” and fulfill his life mission of world peace.  He returned to Google to give a speech on his latest book, Joy on Demand.  Below are my greatest takeaways:

  1. You don’t need to look for joy, you just need to notice it.  No matter what life situation we are in, there will always be something to be joyful about.  Maybe it’s the first bite of a delicious meal, the feeling of hot water on a cold day, or the first few breaths you take in the morning.  The more we notice joy, the more appearances joy makes in our lives.
  2. Noticing joy can be as simple as taking one conscious breath. No one can give the excuse that they do not have time for meditation. This practice literally takes 10 seconds and you feel so much better afterwards.  Repeat this many many times, and work your way towards becoming a zen master. Just kidding. 🙂
  3. Think of one person you care about and wish for them to be happy.   Taking the conscious breath one step forward, now think of someone you love and wish for them to be happy.  It’s in our nature that by wishing for others to be happy, we also benefit from this practice.  Two birds with one stone!
  4. Incline your mind to Joy. Now that we have the above 3 down, we can incline our mind to joy.  Think of the road to joy as the incline on a mountainside.  The water flows effortlessly from the top of the mountain to the lake.  As we increase the number of times we notice joy and wish others well, the easier and more effortless it becomes to be joyful.
  5. Joy in the midst of pain. In times of great pain or trouble, we may find moments of joy randomly. In such cases joy is like the cast we use to heal a broken bone.  Both joy and pain can coexist together.

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