Belitung Island, Indonesia


1) It’s a hop skip and a jump from Singapore .. Making it a quick weekend destination spot.


Belitung can be reached by 1 hr boat from Harbour Front, Singapore to Batam Center, Indonesia.  20 minute taxi gets you to the airport and then 2.5 hour flight will touch down on Belitung island.  The flight will have one stop to main Belitung Island in between, but you don’t need to get off the plane.

2) Enjoy a private natural pool


Hire a boat for the day (500,000 IDR) to take you island hopping to 5 different locations.  The limestone rocks nearby the islands form pool for oh so instagramable shots.

3) The sea is your aquarium and you get to feed the fish


On the boat tour you will get the opportunity for snorkeling in a few areas.  The water is teeming with tropical fish and they don’t mind getting up close and personal!

4) 365 degree view of tropical paradise

Climb 20 stories of stairs to the top of Lengkuas Island Lighthouse for a bird’s eye view of paradise.

5) Mie Belitung – Belitung Noodles


Indulge in the local food by trying their specialty seafood noodles.  The taste is mildly sweet, soupy and crunchy all in one.  If you’re staying in town, try Mie Belitung Atep

6) Pay the local, non-tourist inflated prices


We love Belitung because it’s not super touristy yet.  There are no four star resorts, no english menus, no cookie cutter cafes, and no restaurants serving ‘international food’.  We pay the local prices and enjoy the landmarks with little crowds – it is  amazing.

7) Reconnect with nature

In the early morning take a moment to witness the stillness of the ocean and calm breeze.  The lack of traffic, people and distractions is peaceful and relaxing.  Enjoy every sun soaked moment.


8) Starfish live here

Beautiful spiky starfish hangout in the tropical waters.

9) Fried banana heaven


Take some dough and roll it out with a pasta press.  Wrap a banana with it. Fry. I’m sold. 🙂

10) Be the captain of your own ship


Anything goes in Indonesia, including driving a boat without a license.  Is that the tour guide or Douglas?

Have I convinced you yet?  Great! Read on for more details:

How to get there from Singapore:

Take a Sindo Ferry from Harbour Front to Batam Center (1 hr) – 50 SGD
Taxi from Batam Center to Batam Batu Besar (BTH) – 10 SGD
Take Lion Air from BTH to H.A.S. Hanandjoeddin Airport (TJQ) – 150 SGD

Where to stay:

It’s nothing fancy and reception spoke little english, but they were really helpful and the hotel is centrally located.
Belitung Inn – 30 SGD / night

Where to eat: 

A list of places we ate at that I would highly recommend.
Cafe Gorong Gorong
Mie Belitung Atep
Rumah Makan Belitong

What to do:

Rent a boat for the whole day from Tanjong Kelayang Beach.  Ask the hotel to book for you in advance and agree to a price (we paid 500,000 IDR during low season).
Visit nearby Tanjung Tinggi Beach
Visit a old clay mine Danau Kaolin Belitung



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