Reflections of Belitung

Processed with Snapseed.

Belitung is a island in Indonesia known mainly for the export of tin, clay, and palm oil.  It’s an island which is blessed or cursed for it’s natural resources.  Flying over the island reveals pools of white clay sediment and water which collects after the rains – making many “lakes” from above seem unrealistically blue water.


My first impressions of Belitung were the clean, well kept roads and seemingly laid back, locals.  But what stood out most of all was the sense of pride homeowners had for their houses. Some houses had simple aluminum roofs or pealing wooden windows yet each household and yard was kept tidy and trim.


Passing by a “lemonade stand” was very endearing. Families may not be well off, but with what they had they made do and this was an extremely humbling moment for me.  As one of the few non-Indonesia tourists, I hope Belitung can hold onto it’s charm in the face of rising tourism.


Funky corner street art

See my full post about Belitung Island if you want to learn more.


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