Koko Crater Railway Hike – Oahu, Hawaii


1,000 steps and counting. Koko Head Crater Railway hike is absolutely worth the 365 degree view at the summit.  It’s a hike both locals and tourist enjoy and it really has some of the most diverse and jaw-dropping scenery I’ve seen.  From the summit you can view Hanuma Bay, the tip of Diamond head and entire Hawaii Kai valley.


The hike starts from a paved path leading from the parking lot.  Koko Head Crater Railway was originally build to haul supplies and troops up to the summit during World War II.

The hike up is vertical all the way so take breaks when you need to.  About 2/3s of the way up the railway leaves the mountain side for a bit.  If you’re scared of open spaces you can take the dirt trail on the right which leads back up the main tracks.


Once you’re at the top you are instantly rewarded with breathtaking views of the valley and bay.


At the very tip top is the remains of the bunker.  My 70 year old Mom made it, I’m so proud of her! Doug’s in the background being a dork. 🙂


The remains of the machinery used to haul the supplies up to the summit.


A view from the other side of the crater – just amazing.


On the way down Mom and I took some time to sit back, relax and enjoy the accomplishments.

Difficulty: Hawaii blogs say this is moderate, but I think it’s hard and especially taxing on the cardio because it’s a straight and vertical path all the way up
Parking: Free
Time: 2 hours if you rush, 3 if you want to laze around the top
Distance: 1.5 mi return (seriously? it felt way longer)
How to get there: Park here. The trail head and obvious from the parking lot and once you reach the railway theres no way to get lost
Why we love it: Because the hike is more intense, it’s less crowded than Diamond Head and offers similiar views.


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